Week 9-12

Learning the ways of the world

Relaxation and handling:

Teaching your puppy about relaxation, it is important your puppy can be calm around you and not think everything is a game. This includes being able to handle them around their mouth, ears, eyes and feet as well as being groomed.

Recall training:

Encourage him to follow you - rewarding him with a treat, toy or a game when he does. This means you''ll have to keep a constant supply of treats in your pocket or close by. By doing this it will simplify recall training when your puppy is older and it'll also build up a bond between yourself and the puppy.

Crate training or quiet time:

Try to encourage quiet time, where they are totally relaxed and settled in your presence, you can use a crate for this and give your puppy something to occupy them with such as a kong with food stuffed inside.


Try and allow you puppy to experience as much as possible, for example traffic, public transport, people, pubs, car journeys ect... Even though they haven't had their vanccinations yet you can still allow them to experience all these things just by carrying them around until they have had them. 

Brain development:

With the excitment of getting a puppy comes buying a lot of toys, when doing so try and get a few interactive toys, something you can stuff food into for example a Kong, this gives him something to solve and helps to continue his brain development.

Toilet training:

Even though this should be started within the first week of having your new puppy sometime the excitment and changing your routine around has some getting used to. When you're starting to toilet train it is very important that you do this. Puppies need to go to the toilet a lot and when you know the cues to look out for it should become quite simple for you to teach them. Here is just a few examples;

  • Straight away when they wake up
  • Right before bed time
  • Straight after a nap
  • After any form of excitment or play
  • After a meal or drink

You'll soon pick up on what to look out for a learn the cues your puppy gives you. You should start to use a phrase or a cue word when they are going to the toilet so they start to associate this with the action of going to the toilet.