Week 8

Their new home

Meeting the family:

Ensure your puppy greets the whole family with only positive experiences so he learns to like and trust you all. No rough handling or boisterous play but only gentle, rewarding, light play with him.

Collar and identity disc:

Get your puppy used to wearing his collar and identity disc, it is the law for all dogs to wear a collar and an ID tag when they're in public. However remember to take it off when he is in his crate. 

Check-up at the vets:

Within the first couple of days of having him you should take your puppy to your vets to have a check-up. Remember to carry him as he's not yet vaccinated so don't put him on the floor at the vets. You could also dicuss whether they offer puppy socialising classes.

Puppy socialisation classes:

Most veterinary practises offer puppy socialisation classes, you should go along and check it out. At the moment your puppy is still too young to go as they haven't had their vaccinations yet but within the next few weeks this is something you should consider. They'll be able to learn good socialisation skills here as well as have lots of fun.