What is hand stripping?

Hand stripping is a grooming process that invloves pulling the dead hairs out of the coat either by using a stripping knife or your fingers.

Does hand stripping hurt the dog?

Some dogs may not like it but it should not hurt if done properly. Many dogs enjoy it.

Why hand strip?

By removing the dead hair you create shape and maintain the proper coat, texture and colour for the breed.

Can I shower my dog before stripping?

No, showering your dog will soften their coat and skin making it harder to hand strip them.

Does clipping ruin a dogs coat?

Yes, clipping the hair takes away the structure, it damages the texture and the colour. It'll often leave it softer and dull in colour.

What is the difference between clipping and handstripping?

Handstripping pulls the dead hair out resulting in a healthy undercoat. Clipping cuts the hair instead which damages the texture and colour.

Why does clipping the coat ruin the wiry texture?

Yes, it'll result in a softer coat. It'll soon lose it's double coat which protects the Irish Terrier from rough underbrush and cold or wet weather if continually clipp

Will handstripping restore a coat wire texture if my dog has been clipped?

Do all groomers handstrip?

How long will it take until the new wire coat comes through after a handsstrip

What is a rolling coat?

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