We remember when........

Shortly after taking up residence at 34 Broomfield Road, Mister Mac decided he needed to explore the neighbourhood.  He disappeared from the bottom of the garden, giving him access to farmland and leaving us with no idea just how long he had actually been gone!  When we registered his absence, we began looking for appropriate telephone numbers to call.  Dog warden, police, vets etc.  But before we could do any of that we spotted him casually walk up the road, turn into the drive and arrive at the front door - ready for his breakfast!


One Christmas a stollen thief appeared in our midst - Mister Mac!


Mister Mac always so vocal, always making his presence felt.  Never for one minute letting anyone forget, just who was top dog.


The Big Mac, as he was renamed by one young visitor, the Big Mac who ultimately acheived a life long ambition to have a snuggle/cuddle in bed.


Mister Mac, who whilst out on a walk (the usual circuit) chose to wind up two German Shepherds by sauntering across their front garden boundery, with the two of them going bolistic.  Just as he was about to leave their territory and go out of view did he lift his leg and mark their domain.  Never once having gazed in thier direction!  He was the Man!


Mac, who loved toast for breakfast, perferably with an egg on top!


Mac, who if thirsty would wander into the bathroom hoping that someone had forgotten to lower the lid of the loo.....!!!


Mac, who always showed us the way.  When visitors arrived on an open day he showed his approval by draping his body accross their knees as they sat on the sofa.  However if it was a thumbs down he just sniffed them once and then went to stand by the patio door.  Interview over!


However he always demanded attention and to greet any of the other dogs before him was just so not acceptable.  He became very vocal!


Mac, who when at a show always sat next to us - not for him the indignity of a CRATE!  Anyway he needed to check out the competion.


When competing he always moved differently - more bounce - head that bit higher.  Loving every minute of the attention, never wanting to disappoint his public.


Once as he entered the show ring we overheard someone say ' THATS Mr. Mac!'


Mac, who got barred from The Stag in Deal for fighting!  He was a bit bored.  His owner is still welcome!


Mr Mac, while on an exploration of his neighbourhood managed to get himself locked in a garden shed and waited patiently to be released.  After 3 days he got fed up and decided to start barking as he wanted to go home!


Mac, who refused to 'speak' to Jean for a week after he was picked up and deposited in the water at a marina, when they were still living in Holland.  It has to be said that it was a very hot day and Mac was doing a lot of puffing and pantingObviously not a good enough reason or explanation in his eyes.  The only time he entered water was when on the hunt - because then rational thought and commonsense gave way to the overwhelming desire to catch and kill.  One indignant dog!!


Mr Mac , who loved his blanket.  Sometimes literally, when we had a bitch here is season!  When staying with Auntie Guinee, it would have to be retrieved from the garden several times a day.  Always good for a tug of war or a wrestling match with the blanket thrown over him.


Mr Mac, who SHOULD have been celebrating his 12th birthday with us today, 12/04/2014.  We miss his presence but we 'see' him constantly.

Mac hunting in Holland. His target in sight. Waiting for the release command!