Ria (Ruby)

I first came across the Van Leeuwens while we still had our first Irish named Poppy. While out for a walk we had the rare pleasure of meeting another Irish, his name was Milo and was a Vanleeuwen baby. His owners spoke so highly of their experience of getting him and the breeder that when I sadly lost my first girl in October 2016 there was only one option when I decided it was time to find another Irish.  

I made contact with Jean in January and I arranged a visit to meet him and discuss how the kennels runOn arrival I got to meet Rielly and Aileen, it was so lovely to see lovely Irish faces again! Jean spoke to me about how they match each puppy to the family they feel to be most suitable. I loved everything I was hearing about how they start the work with the puppy from day 1 to ensure their mindset is correct to give them the best start in life, he also made it clear that they would remain on hand for any advice on training after I had taken the puppy home as well. It was so lovely to know that having a Van Leeuwen pup would mean being part of such a supportive community 

In April I visited again, but this time to meet the R and S litter 10 and 4 days old and their lovely Mums Lizzie and Henna. They were absolutely gorgeous! In June was matched with lovely Missy Ria now known as Ruby. She is the most gorgeous girl and has the most amazing attitude. She loves to learn and is always eager to please. We began agility training, once she was old enough, she always shows such focus, consideration and determination not forgetting enjoyment in each classRuby is incredibly adaptable and will go along with whatever plans life has brought from living with me at university for a time to travelling across Europe to visit friends she takes every day as it comes and loves being part of the journey. She is good with children, dogs and loves nothing more than snuggling up on the lap of the lucky person she has decided can have the honor 

She is admired wherever she goes both for her looks and her character and for that I have the Van Leeuwens to thank for giving her the best possible start.