Owner : Melanie Bil

Friesland Freddy (Smithy)

In November 2008 after the loss of our much loved Airedale terrier, Chomsky, we decided it was time to get another dog. This time we wanted something smaller, suitable for family life, happy with horses and more importantly a dog with character. The question was which breed were we after? With no idea we booked tickets to go to ‘Discover Dogs’ in London. We walked round and round talking to everyone looking at everything from poodles to water spaniels but at the end there was only one place that we wanted to go back to. The Irish Terriers!

By the time we arrived home we were already discussing what we were going to call our Irish Terrier, where he would sleep, who would walk him, and who would feed him. My mum called up the Irish Terrier Association and let them know that as a family we were interested in getting a puppy. They were extremely helpful giving us names and numbers of breeders and people that we could contact for more information. We decided that Easter was the best time to get a puppy when the weather was warmer and my brother and I had a few weeks off school for puppy bonding time. All of a sudden we had found a litter! Mina belonging to Jean Soeters was expecting a litter in February with the puppies ready to go to homes around Easter weekend. We were filled with excitement and Jean was extremely kind and allowed us to come and meet the puppies and their parents when they were about 4-5 weeks old. We drove up to Hythe buzzing with excitement and when we arrived we were greeted by Mina and Mac, two very proud parents. They were extremely friendly and Mina sat by her puppies while we spoke to Jean, allowing us to pick them up and cuddle them. Then we had to choose our puppy,  that was probably one of the hardest afternoons of my life. I’d have had all of them! After much deliberation we finally decided that Friesland Freddy was the one for us.

Easter weekend finally arrived and we went to pick up Freddy who is known as ‘Smithy’ at home. Mina said goodbye to her baby and we drove off with massive grins on our faces.

We arrived home and took him straight into the garden; within seconds he was exploring, checking what was what and playing tug-of-war with us. Day by day he grew into a very handsome dog and is everything we could have asked for. Smithy has a great sense of humour, playing with us whenever possible but at the same time is very affectionate and happy to lie with his head on your knee wagging his tail, in front of the TV or fire. However because he is young and they are very boisterous dogs he does need plenty of things to do otherwise we find shoes have gone missing and the post has been opened.

Most days he accompanies my mum to see her horse and if there is someone about he goes running behind the horse which he absolutely adores. Smithy’s best friend is a border terrier called Teddy who he bolts about with for hours at a time.

Although Smithy doesn’t swim he loves to paddle and he has a paddling pool in the garden and we frequently find him with his head submerged in water trying to retrieve something from the depths.

We are hoping to start agility classes with him when he reaches a year old as he is highly intelligent and very quick to learn, within a few days he knew where the biscuit tin was kept, what time dinner was and that his goat’s milk is kept in the fridge!

Every day with Smithy is enjoyable and he is a real pleasure to have. Jean should be very proud of his puppies!


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25.03 | 17:32

We have had 2 Irish Terriers and are now looking for our third.
Do you expect any litters in the next 6 months and if so can we register our interest.

27.10 | 21:35

Our much loved IT died a month ago aged 15 we would be interested in having another say 6 months old or more bitch.

19.09 | 11:08

Hi There.

We have been interested in the Irish terrier for some time. We’r now looking to get one to join our family, When is your next planned litter? Thanks

30.12 | 13:55

We are very interested in having a Irish Terrier looking to have a puppy from end of Feb18. We would like to know the date of your next open day. Sarah & Tim.

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