Owners : Jane & John Daly

I had an Irish terrier called Seamus as a little girl. He was just the best friend a girl could have. So when John, my husband, and I decided to get our first family dog I was adamant it had to be an Irish! So Fitz arrived at 8 weeks and it was big love! He was a bit of a troublemaker (!) but so loyal and full of character. We had him for 13 fabulous years. Our favourite times included holidays on the beach at Bamburgh in Northumberland and generally memories of much laughter that Fitz was always the cause of. Fitz passed away in January and we were devastated (still are) and miss him terribly. How were we going to move on? Naturally only an Irish would do so after lots of searching we came across Jean's litter and immediately chose siblings, brother and sister. They are gorgeous and very different from one another. Roxy is incredibly intelligent, always busy, loves stealing anything that’s fair game and has such a lovely nature. Rudy is quite chilled but when he does have a burst of energy is completely over the top! He's very handsome and also has a lovely nature. Of the two I suspect Roxy will need more than walks to occupy her so I will probably take her to agility when she's old enough. Although they are still so young they are already true characters in their own rights. We didn't ever want to replace our beloved Fitz but we're so glad these two little bundles of fun are in our lives.

Jane and John Daly