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Written by Matt & Ninna on 18. Apr, 2015
That strangely didn't work. But Watson (J litter Jumping Jack) still says hello from his new favourite spot - the decking in the garden! Where he can lie and watch all of the birds flutter past all day! Happy belated birthday to the J-litter.

Written by Sadie on 11. Mar, 2015
Thanks Grainne for the birthday wishes! We were travelling to Holland on the actual day (yesterday) so celebrations were delayed until today. We had a fantastic run on the beach this morning followed by a trip to Haarlem to visit the local doggie shop to get some dried cows hooves (one of my favorite snacks). Then this evening we went out to the nearby hotel for a celebration birthday dinner in my honour. Hope all the rest of the G litter had a great time!! Love and stuff from Sadie (aka Guardian Angel) x

Written by Grainne on 10. Mar, 2015
Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday G litter, happy birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to my brothers and sisters, we are 2 today!

Hope you get a big bone like me.....!
Lots of Love Grainne xxx

Written by Hector Jacobs on 19. Feb, 2015
I love the wind in my ears! A great day at the beach. Xx

Written by Kevin Egan on 10. Feb, 2015
Hi jean & Debbie hope your both well.

Just a little picture for you, thomas & his big bro Hector

Written by Jane on 18. Jan, 2015
Bigi Bere (Mister Max) 5 Years old today!

Written by Berit on 20. Dec, 2014
Happy Christmas and all the best for 2015 to Jean, Debby and all wonderful van Leeuwen ITs with love from Hetty (Elise) and family

Written by Sam Donovan on 17. Dec, 2014
I know the feeling Hector!

Written by Hector Jacobs on 17. Dec, 2014
This has sooo ruined my street cred!!

Written by Carl Weber on 8. Dec, 2014
Great website !

Written by Carol Jacobs on 22. Nov, 2014
Attention J Litter!! Okay you guys, this is how it works around here . You go out into the big wide world with your new families and have loads of fun and new experiences. The rest of us sit here waiting to hear about everything you have been up to and we expect pictures too! So come on guys, get scribing, we really want to know what has been going on in your world. :-) 😄

Written by M.Soeters sr on 15. Nov, 2014
Aunt Ina, mom and dad have enjoyed your park video

Written by Martin Soeters sr. on 1. Nov, 2014
the 890430 visitor was your dad , Jean !

Written by Hector Jacobs on 2. Oct, 2014
Hi Everybody 😃 Hector here. 02/10/2014 is a celebration in our household as it was exactly a year ago that Jean brought me to Norfolk to start my new life.
I wanted to celebrate the occasion in a special way, so I decided to try my paw at a bit of poetry. Obviously I have had a bit of help from mum to type it up , I mean who ever heard of a dog that could type!!?? Other than that, it's all my own work,so I hope you enjoy it.

MY FAVOURITE THINGS ( a poem what I writ ), by Hector Jacobs

Fat juicy spiders and squirrels and bees🐝
Stalking the rabbits and the birds in the trees
Resting my head on visitors knees
These are a few of my favourite things.

When the rain falls and I get wet ☔️
And I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad.

Running on the beach, at Wells next the Sea
Exploring and finding new places to wee
Going out for coffee with my mum and dad
Never hearing "No Hector that's bad".

Finding and chasing fat fluffy rabbits🐰
Eating their currants even tho it's a "dirty habit"
Bouncing around like coiled springs
These are a few of my favourite things.

I love the ladies and they love me too
There's Poppy, Pepper and Milly to name but a few
Who can blame them I'm such a dish
But it's Irish ladies I'm true to.

Chasing the birds when I run on the beach
They take off and fly just out of reach
I love the feel of the wind in my face
I'll take on anyone in a race

Scattering cushions is a pastime of mine
Jumping at the washing hanging on the line
A spot of digging passes the time
I wouldn't recommend it but it's hardly a crime.

I have a toy box it's really quite full
I love anything I can chew , shake or pull
Sometimes I launch things through the air
Oops! How on earth did that get there??!!

As with all good things I've saved the best til last :
My home in Norfolk is the best place to be,
In there lives
My mum, dad and me .

The End.

Written by SARA TUCKEY on 16. Sep, 2014
Hello from two Irish Terriers....Seamus (seeingred ruby gambler) and Bonnie (rescue)
We just found your site and love it!!!