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Written by Hector Jacobs on 26. Jan, 2016
It's official!! Thanks to my sister Henna & Mr Mojo, I am now an uncle :-) Welcome to my 5 fabulous nieces and nephews, can't wait to see your pictures and to read about your adventures. Love and licks from Uncle Hector xx

Written by Julie on 3. Nov, 2015
Happy First Birthday K Litter Sibs!
Love from Keva
(aka Van Leeuwen Killiskey).

Written by Sam Donovan on 29. Sep, 2015
I've passed my Kennel Club Good Citizens Gold Award! I also do agility with Mum every Sunday. I'm very good! Mum's a bit slow at running round with me though but I love the bridge and the tunnel and now everything is an agility course!!

Written by Kevin Egan on 14. Sep, 2015
Great to meet up yesterday, sorry we couldn't stay for the duration. Will pop down soon to catch up.
All the best


Written by Esther's mum on 18. Jul, 2015
Happy 1st birthday Carice! Lots of love from mummy Esther xxxx. Hope to see you at the picnic

Written by Lis McGowan - lady in waiting to Missy Esther on 29. Jun, 2015
I met a lovely Irish called Seamus at Marylebone station the other day. His owner said "you certainly know you've got a dog when you've got an Irish" and i thought that was a pretty good description of life with the ginger ones. Seamus, meanwhile, was quite happy biting his lead and bouncing off to charm the passengers on the 17.18 to Haddenham & Thame!

Written by Teddy hetherington on 24. Jun, 2015
Hello all at Herne Bay. Its Meppel Maarten here! I shall be joining you on the 13th September at Greenwich and may bring my two minders, Alan and Kim, if they behave and stop chewing my favourite sunglasses and stealing food from my plate.

Written by Mitch Mitchell on 22. Jun, 2015
Happy Birthday to all my D Litter brothers and sisters. I don't mind getting my feet wet, but draw the line there. I'm looking forward to a nice new bone later, which I'm sure will arrive in due course....

Written by rebus on 12. Jun, 2015
Do glad we found you !

Written by Lesley Way on 20. May, 2015
This is my ball and you're not going to have it!

Written by Hector Jacobs & Family on 15. May, 2015
Just wanted to congratulate Miss Lizzie on her new babies. They look absolutely adorable!! Sending love to you all. Hector, Carol & Rob xx

Written by Hector Jacobs on 3. May, 2015
Sending special birthday wishes to my "H" litter brothers and sisters : Henna, Hot Stuff, Howie, Hollands Hope, Hairy Monster and of course Meeeeeee. We are 2 today! My dad told me that as a special birthday treat, he was taking me to " see a stripper". I was beside myself with excitement, that lasted right up until we parked outside the so-called venue and I saw the words " Dog Groomer"!!! Oh well, I wouldn't have looked anyway as I am a little gentleman 😉 have a wonderful day H Litter. Love from your brother Hector xxx

Written by Hector Jacobs on 29. Apr, 2015
Only 4 more sleeps to go until " the big day" ..........

Written by Hector Jacobs on 23. Apr, 2015
Oh I do like to be beside the sea side. But I definitely don't like to get my feet wet!

Written by Lis McGowan on 20. Apr, 2015
Mister Mojo looks like a lot of fun! handsome fella isn't he!

love from Missy Esther xxxxx