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Written by Java Burn on 21. Oct, 2021
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Written by Julie on 8. Apr, 2021
Happy 1st Birthday “V” Litter love from your Mum, Pippi aka VL Pukkie 💓
Written by Sarah Sanderson on 15. Mar, 2021
What a wonderful website and so lovely to see the pups with their parents. We lost Molly in January and hoping we can find another IT soon.
Written by Berit Müller-Pebody on 26. Feb, 2021
Happy birthday to the E litter and greetings to Debbie and the van Leeuwen gang!

My family has moved to Denmark for 2 years so sending Love from Copenhagen,

Hetty (Elise)

From Hetty (Elise) from Copenhagen
Written by John Stroud-Turp on 13. Feb, 2021
Really hoping we can be added to your waiting list for your next litter - would love to visit your kennels after lockdown if possible.
After much thinking and research we are sure an IT is right for us - really appreciate an update on your future litters.
Written by Jane Carroll on 18. Jan, 2021
Happy 11th birthday to B Litter from Max (Bigi Bere) xxx
Written by Julie on 4. Nov, 2020
Happy 6th Birthday K Litter!

Love from Keva, aka Van Leeuwen Killiskey
Written by Claire Hall on 2. Nov, 2020
Hello, this is such a fantastic site and your dogs are beautiful.
We are searching for a IT puppy to join our family so could you please add us to your puppy list. We have also been in touch with the Irish Terrier Society.
I look forward to hearing from you to see how we can progress our interest. Thank you so much, Claire
Written by Minnie The Minx (Isabeal) on 8. Aug, 2020
Happy Birthday ‘i’ litter! Seven years old yesterday!
Written by Sam Donovan aka Irel on 7. Aug, 2020
Happy Birthday to my ‘I’ litter mates!

Latest comments

25.03 | 17:32

We have had 2 Irish Terriers and are now looking for our third.
Do you expect any litters in the next 6 months and if so can we register our interest.

27.10 | 21:35

Our much loved IT died a month ago aged 15 we would be interested in having another say 6 months old or more bitch.

19.09 | 11:08

Hi There.

We have been interested in the Irish terrier for some time. We’r now looking to get one to join our family, When is your next planned litter? Thanks

30.12 | 13:55

We are very interested in having a Irish Terrier looking to have a puppy from end of Feb18. We would like to know the date of your next open day. Sarah & Tim.