Jean and Mister Mac

Graceful Dream again with the other halve of the family (Pete Townshend)

Amsterdam Alfie

A. Nest 02/2009

A. Litter 2009

Seeingred Toff's Delight

The Family of Mister Mac

Rotterdam Red 6 weeks

Seeingred Toff's Delight, Rotterdam Red & Amsterdam Alfie

Rotterdam Red

i love Ireland

Mac before

Mac after

Catch me big boy !

AMSTERDAM ALFIE handstripped


ROTTERDAM RED (owner Peter Montgomery)




a proud DADDY

B. Litter 14 days

B. Litter 14 days

B. Litter 14 days

B. Litter 14 days

B. Litter 14 days

B. Litter 21 days

B. Litter, 39 days

B. Litter 6 weeks

B. Litter 6 weeks

B. Litter 6 weeks

B. Litter 6 weeks

Sophie cleaned by the 2 Soeters nurses


a Vet trip


Tholen Thijsia

Tholen Thijsia

Tholen Thijsia

Tholen Thijsia

Tholen Thijsia

Boxtel Bertus

Boxtel Bertus look at me ! (8 weeks)

Renesse Ronald

Renesse Ronald 1 ear handstripped

Meppel Maarten exploring Scotland

Meppel Maarten

the Scottish boy Meppel Maarten at Loch Lomond Scotland

Didam Danielle

Didam Danielle

Renesse Ronald 12 weeks

Amsterdam Alfie, Renesse Ronald & Seeingred Toff's Delight

Veere Venus, B. Litter

Boxtel Bertus & Tholen Thijsia meet eachother on the Southern Irish Terrier open show in Verwood 2010

Smithy, A. Litter

Lets go man !

Tessa (B. Litter) at a local doggy fun day

bye bye snake

Tulip, 9 months on her first show in Holland

Give Z. Perslu, Tulips Sire

proud member of

Dutch Irish Terrier club proud member of

proud member of

Denny Z. Perslu, Mister Macs Sire

Montelle Viscount Erhard, Sire of the C. Litter

spot the rabbit

MISTER MAC with his ribbons from the Minstead show, Southern Irish Terrier Society, he can start in the Veteran Class on Crufts 2011 !!!

can life get any better !

Tulip on the Utrecht Dog show 2010

Utrecht Dog Show 2010

Jeanet & Tulip Utrecht Dogshow 2010

Jane England and Mungo representing the UK in the up and coming sport of Canicross

Mac & Alies

Bosun after rabbit hunting with his parents

the happy couple

Pin-up girl

Squirrel hunting

Crufts 2011

Mister Mac won Crufts 2011 (1 st. place Veteran Class)

Mister Mac at Crufts 2011

Oldtimers never die !!!

Mister Mac at Crufts 2011

Mister Mac at Crufts 2011

he did it !!!

Our new boarding kennel

Mister Cornelis

Mac & Tilly 2 passioned & very skilled hunters on there first date !

Cornelis (Mozes) with his new family in London

Tilly (Killygoan Red Lady) and her new litter, born 19/6/2011 (sired by Mr. Mac)

Missy Dutch Hope

Mister Mac visits Sheerness

part of the D. Litter

Mac loves the real thing


Mister Diederick & the Bancroft kids

Missy Dolly

Mister Denny Z. & Mister Percy with my brother Niek

Mister Mac with his 2 sons from 2 different lovers

Let me take you for a walk old man !

Tholen Thijsia just handstripped by her owners

checking the new Paddock !!!

Mister Elliot (Monty)

Missy Esther exploring

Mister Eric (Gus) E. Litter

Mister Engelsman (Frodo) E. Litter

Missy Fantasy (Darci)

Veere Venus (Ruby, B. Litter)

Mister Meppel Maarten (Teddy, B. Litter) payed us a housevisit

Mister Eoin (Max)

Mister Billy the Kid

on a house visit at Mister Billy the Kid's new home

E. Litter Reunion day 09/09/2012

E. Litter Reunion day 09/09/2012

E. Litter Reunion day 09/09/2012 soulsisters : Missy Evelien & Missy Esther

E. Litter Reunion day 09/09/2012

E. Litter Reunion day 09/09/2012

E. Litter Reunion day 09/09/2012 Missy Alfie the proud mum of the E. Litter

Missy Elisabeth & Missy Beatrix

Mister Mac lazing on the banks of loch Lomond

Mister Mac blown away on the Isle of Skye !

Mr. Elliot (Monty) found him selve a new friend !

Mr. Engelsman (Frodo)

our Indian dog !

the Dutch dog whisperer with Missy Eve, Missy Lizzy and Mr. Kenny

Missy Eve & Missy Lizzy two of our 5 dogs in Holland

van Leeuwens Engelsman (Frodo)

van Leeuwens Fantasy (Missy Darci) after her first handstripping session

Tholen Thijsia (Missy Tessa)

Mister Mac as a very young boy

van Leeuwens Flying Dutchman (Mister Flash)

van Leeuwen gang

Mister Engelsman (Frodo)

G. Litter, 6 days

a very special moment ! (puppy weekend 09/2013)

our new boy Mister Dino !

Missy Lizzy & Mister Hector

I am all legs

Mister Hector chilling out !


just chilling !

what did you find under your Christmas tree ?

just chilling

Anwen & Kim on our hand tripping course

Dino & his foster Daddy Rick

Dino, 8 months and full of confidence !

the Flying Dutchman emigrated to Australia (you lucky boy !)

van Leeuwens Good as Gold !

van Leeuwens Odanodan (Mac)

van Leeuwens Boxtel Bertus

van Leeuwen Tholen Thijsia (Tessa)

Missy Henna & Missy Tessa

VAN LEEUWENS IAIN (Mister Paddy) futured in Lucy Jacksons 2015 calendar

VAN LEEUWENS LUCY JUICY (Missy Lucy) & Lucy Jackson

van Leeuwens Jumping Jack (Watson)

the Three Degrees, N. Litter

Mac, O. Litter

Mister Muddy

We hope you enjoy these pictures of our babies.

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Caron Russell | Reply 05.04.2011 21:58

What a lovely site to see, we love irish terriers & have had these special souls in our lives for many years. Your dogs are very beautiful,

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25.03 | 17:32

We have had 2 Irish Terriers and are now looking for our third.
Do you expect any litters in the next 6 months and if so can we register our interest.

27.10 | 21:35

Our much loved IT died a month ago aged 15 we would be interested in having another say 6 months old or more bitch.

19.09 | 11:08

Hi There.

We have been interested in the Irish terrier for some time. We’r now looking to get one to join our family, When is your next planned litter? Thanks

30.12 | 13:55

We are very interested in having a Irish Terrier looking to have a puppy from end of Feb18. We would like to know the date of your next open day. Sarah & Tim.

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