If you want to meet some Irish Terriers, this is your chance. Visit one of our open kennel days. Give us an email or call to book.

We figured out that lots of people have met an Irish Terrier somewhere, had a little talk with the owner and fell in love with the breed.

Next stage is research on the internet...trying to read everything about them.

Even after all that research most of the time there are still plenty of unanswered questions and as you probably already know an Irish Terrier is for the happy few, it would be nice to figure out if they will suit you before you buy one. 

We hold open kennel days to allow you to come a meet our dogs as well as ourselves and answer any questions you may have, from questions about the breed, feeding, maintenance, training and so on.

After this we hope you'll be able to make a well informed decision on whether or not these goregous 'daredevils' are the right breed for you.



Open Kennel Day

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angela curtis | Reply 23.11.2017 14:42

Hi there, we are very interested in getting a Irish terrier in March/April of next year and would love to come along to your open day on the 3rd.

Catherine Christie | Reply 04.01.2016 16:14

Hi there,
I am hoping to get an Irish Terrier later this year (2016) when I retire. Please advise the best way forward. Should I visit an open day?

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25.03 | 17:32

We have had 2 Irish Terriers and are now looking for our third.
Do you expect any litters in the next 6 months and if so can we register our interest.

27.10 | 21:35

Our much loved IT died a month ago aged 15 we would be interested in having another say 6 months old or more bitch.

19.09 | 11:08

Hi There.

We have been interested in the Irish terrier for some time. We’r now looking to get one to join our family, When is your next planned litter? Thanks

30.12 | 13:55

We are very interested in having a Irish Terrier looking to have a puppy from end of Feb18. We would like to know the date of your next open day. Sarah & Tim.

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